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Our team is dedicated to improving Poteau through beautification projects, unique events, and increasing pride in our community. We work with local businesses and residents to effect positive change and growth throughout the Poteau trade area.
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Ongoing Projects

So what is the Poteau Improvement Project all about? This link will describe more in detail some of the ongoing projects that we are working on.

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Yard of the Month

Find out more about the Yard of the Month and the Business of the Month program here. See past winners and nominate new ones.

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Business Information

Do you want to donate to help improve Poteau? Looking for information about the Poteau Improvement Project? This link will help you with both!

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Events and Activities

In addition to all of the great projects we have going on, one of our main focuses is in creating new and unique events! Discover more of what is going on here.

Harry Potter and the Poteau Runestone, Coming Soon!

The Poteau Improvement Project
Together, we can achieve anything!

The Poteau Improvement Project was initially conceived in 2010 with the assistance of former mayor Don Barnes. A plan was put together to implement positive changes throughout the area. In 2013, Eric Standridge was asked to take over as director for Poteau Main Street Matters. Many parts of the Poteau Improvement Project were moved under the Downtown Poteau Revitalization Project ran by Standridge. This meant that the Poteau Improvement Project was put on the back burner for the time being. Standridge has completed the majority of the goals he had instituted downtown. Because of that, the focus has been brought back to the Poteau Improvement Project. The Poteau Improvement Project is geared to help beautify Poteau, encourage pride and growth throughout the area, and to provide events and activities to draw people to the area.

  • Small Businesses account for 60% of all jobs. By supporting small business, we bolster the local economy.

  • Creating and upgrading parks increase the average property values by 8 to 22 percent. Not only does this have a positive impact on quality of life, but it also has a substantial impact on our local economy.

  • The Poteau Improvement Project promises to put at least 70% of all money raised into improvement projects.

  • We are 100% comitted to improving the Quality of Life in Poteau!

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